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Can my prom dress be hemmed? Having a dress hemmed is one of the most commonly sought after alterations. Let’s face it, we’re all different heights! Your height and body shape can actually both affect the placement of the hemline on your prom dress. Hemming for a proper fit typically means more than just simply cutting a straight line around the bottom of the skirt. Depending upon how the dress fits over your curves, the front hemline may need to be longer or shorter than the back hem in order for the dress to appear to be the same length all around when worn. When there are multiple layers in the skirt, then each layer must be hemmed. If there are a lot of beautiful details near the hem of the skirt, like scallops, ruffles, or a print trim, you may lose them in the hemming process. The look and length of trains or godets could also be changed significantly when a prom dress is hemmed, so be sure to ask about such alterations before leaving the dress with the seamstress.

Pro Tip: When preparing to have your dress or trousers measured for hemming, be sure to wear the heels/shoes that you intend to wear to your formal event. In some cases, your posture changes when wearing and that can affect the hemline placement too. Do you want to do more than simply hem? Let’s talk and get things taken care of.



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