Want to earn the prestigious “Sewing Badge” with Scout Badge Classes?

Scout Badge Classes offered by Stitch and Mimi | Girl Scouts Sewing Badge

Almost all badges are now made from cloth and are sewn onto the uniform shirt or vest. In general, there are four types of badges worn by members of Scouting Group identity – Scouts belong to sub-divisions within their national organization’s, and wear badges which identify which Scout Groups, Scout Districts, Scout Councils, or other divisions; Progressive awards – each section of Scouting has a number of long-term award programs which reward the core principles of Scout craft, service, and adventure Activity or proficiency awards – Scouts are able to undertake a large number of activities and, on completion of set criteria, are awarded recognition for these activities Special/event badges – from time to time, Scouts are able to wear special event badges, for example, to celebrate the Scouting 2007 Centenary

Your Scout will learn in one 2 hour lesson:
  • Sewing techniques and SAFETY!!!!
  • Patch layout.
  • How to use both; Hand and sewing machine techniques.
4 student MINIMUM (great idea for one troop!)
6 Total student per session

Flexible classes: Based on scouts, troop and Mimi’s availability.


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