Stitch and Mimi Reviews

Stitch and Mimi Reviews | Customers share their experiences | Fort Mohave Alterations | Bullhead City Alterations

Stitch and Mimi Reviews | Customers share their experiences | Fort Mohave Alterations | Bullhead City Alterations.

Simply amazing. She is kind, creative, and fast! She knows what she can do – and does it well. She worked on a costume for my daughter which was tricky. She checked to make sure we were on the same page before proceeding. She made the costume so that we can use it for the next few years as my daughter grows. Then she made a duvet cover for my daughters bed. I brought her my ideas – and she researched it and made it so much better than I had hoped for. We love it and will use Mary for everything sewing related in the future. Don’t hesitate – she is simply great at what she does! A wizard with a sewing machine! – Jeanne 

Mary is AMAZING she was able to finish my bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding in less than a week. It looks and fits perfect after only one fitting and I can’t wait to wear it next month. – Brittany

Mary is the best! She will work with you to make sure it is just what you want. I am so happy to have her close by! – Marcy

I needed my suit tailored for a a last minute out of town business presentation within a few days and not only was Mary ready to help, it was like half the cost of the other tailors I’ve used in the area! I’m so grateful for her ability and professionalism! – Chris

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